One of the most common complaints we get from clients who have migrated their websites to us is that the previous company supplying them just didn’t seem to care. It’s not really up to us to comment on other businesses so what I will do is outline how our customer service works.

  • we always answer our phone unless we’re all on it – and in that case, we respond to voicemail as soon as one of us is off the phone – and most of the time it’s me (Fletch – the founder) who will pick it up.
  • when we onboard you as a client, we really listen and aren’t stubborn in terms of our own approach – and we certainly don’t confuse you with ‘tech-speak’ – with the result being we all understand what’s happening and why – and when it will all be done.
  • we always do what we say we’re going to do, and that’s made very clear to anyone who works at Kiwisites before they even start here.
  • we don’t charge you for site updates as long as they fit within normal small business parameters – but if you were getting us to do them every day, we’d have to quote for that obviously.
  • our business is built on recurring annual revenues so to us you are gold, and we’ll always treat you that way.
  • don’t be surprised if you think we’ve gone the extra mile for you – we generally do as things really don’t take long and we don’t pretend they do and therefore don’t rip you off
  • if ever you want to take your web hosting elsewhere because you feel we’ve let you down, we won’t stand in your way and will zip up your website and make it available to you via a shared dropbox folder.

If you don’t believe us, then feel free to contact any of our clients – I’m pretty sure they’ll vouch for us 🙂